What is a Freight Broker

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A freight broker's job is very important to the logistics of transportation . Freight brokers are responsible for the transport of goods from one place to another. When you think about the transportation industry it is bigger than just a carrier, shipper or broker our industry makes up a double digit percentage of U.S gross income. Think about it everything you have in your procession came off a truck. Transportation started with the railways and it has grown to fit the masses. Transportation now covers land, sea, and air.


A Freight broker’s job is sometimes confused with that of a shipper, but he or she is in fact the one who’s connecting shippers and carriers. A freight broker is a liaison within the transportation industry. Freight brokers are also different from a freight forwarder. Freight Brokers are responsible for the way in which various shipments will be transported. Freight Forwards specialize in the storage and shipping and handling of merchandise.  

Freight brokers play a major role in the shipping process. That’s why it is important that freight brokers gets the training needed to be successful. Like any job or task you decide to commence you have to either be trained or given instructions in-order to property execute said role. If you are now interested in exploring a Freight Broker career click the button on the right and enroll in our course. See you soon. 

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