Do you want to know the ends and outs of the hotshot industry?


The Hotshot training will cover many of the questions you may have regard the Hotshot industry.  There are many variables to hotshot trucking and after this training you will be ready to start your business.


Here are a few of the hot topics we will cover!

  • MC vs DOT# (Do you need both?)

  • Insurance

    • Coverage needed

  • BOC-3 Processer

  • Safety Audit programs

    • Random Drug Screens

    • Background check

  • Health cert Card

  • Trucks and Trailers

    • Load Boards

  • Packets

    • BOLs

    • Insurance Certificates

  • Factoring

    • 3-6% charge

    • Payment methods

      • Gas card or bank account

    • Ask about who covers nonpayment

  • Load securement

Hotshot trucking is an expedited service for the transportation of goods. Some of the most popular items transported are machinery, piping, cars, and steel. In order to be considered as a hotshot set-up one must have a pick-up truck or dually truck with an attached trailer. If you want to learn more about this industry CLICK BELOW OUR PRE-RECORDED CLASS! 

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