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The Hotshot Training will cover many of the questions you may have regard the Hotshot industry.  There are many variables to hotshot trucking and after this training you will be ready to start your business.


Here are a few of the hot topics we will cover!

  • MC vs DOT# (Do you need both?)

  • Insurance

    • Coverage needed

  • BOC-3 Processer

  • Safety Audit programs

    • Random Drug Screens

    • Background check

  • Start-up Check list

  • Trucks and Trailers

    • Load Boards

  • Packets

    • BOLs

    • Insurance Certificates

  • Factoring

    • 3-6% charge

    • Payment methods

      • Gas card or bank account

    • Ask about who covers nonpayment

  • Load securement


Online ONly


2-day Freight broker training course offers you tools to become a successful freight broker. We are very hands on with our trainee. We offer after class follow for those who request it. We are able to meet the need of many different learning styles. We understand the easier we make it for you to learn the better your experience as a broker will be. This class will give you detailed in sight on brokering from start to end. After completing the course your freight broker business will have the foundation for you to become a successful broker. The course includes the follow:


  1. Freight Broker Training Guide

  2. Equipment and Trailer Resource

  3. Binder w/Broker tools and articles

  4. USB with usable Forms and Contacts 


  At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion. 

Location: Online or Atlanta, Ga

(exact location will be emailed with payment confirmation.)

Time: 9am-2pm each day

Day of the week: Saturday and Sunday

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Freight Broker Training

online or In-person


Truck Dispatch Course Details

  • Introduction to Trucking and Logistics Industry

  • Dispatching

    • Tips and Tricks

  • TL,LTL Shipments

  • Route Planning and Truck Management (TMS)

    • Authorities & Permits

    • Specialized & Oversized Freight

  • CSA, Insurance Coverages

  • Transportation Fleet Equipment

    • Load Boards

    • Post Truck

  • Carrier Packets

    • Rate Confirmation

  • Carrier Contracts- Provided

  • Factoring and Payment Processing

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Record Keeping

  • Negotiation with Load Brokers


Location: Online (Any smart device or laptop)

Time: 9am-12pm each day

Day of the week: Friday and  Sunday

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Online Only

no deposit required


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