Do you want to become a truck dispatcher?


Truck Dispatchers are hired by trucking companies to coordinate shipping operations with drivers, brokers and or shipping customers. They may work with company drivers or may coordinate with owner operators to find available freight to be covered by carriers. A freight dispatcher schedules truck arrivals for product pickup and delivery and tracks the progress of transit to ensure on-time deliveries. Dispatchers also work with trucking companies to record freight orders and resolve shipping issues. A Truck Dispatcher duties demand strong skills in written and oral communication, multi-tasking, organization and customer service.

Course Details

  • Introduction to Trucking and Logistics Industry

  • Dispatching

    • Tips and Tricks

  • TL,LTL Shipments

  • Route Planning and Truck Management (TMS)

    • Authorities & Permits

    • Specialized & Oversized Freight

  • CSA, Insurance Coverages

  • Transportation Fleet Equipment

    • Load Boards

    • Post Truck

  • Carrier Packets

    • Rate Confirmation

  • Carrier Contracts- Provided

  • Factoring and Payment Processing

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Record Keeping

  • Negotiation with Load Brokers

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